Tuesday, September 2, 2008

two shows

Two shows dominated my labor day weekend, one being Crime in stereo/colin of arabia/fake problems/debaser at the ICC church on saturday and Disappearer/furnace/fight amp/my america is watching tigers die at the abbey lounge on sunday.
Both shows were fantastic, though the attendance of the disappearer show was sadly very lacking... but it was the one weekend where half of the population of Boston is moving.
The ICC, so far, tends to produce great pictures since the stage is medium height there's a chance for both stage dives and ample mic time for the kids (though stage diving is prohibited due to past legal snafus). There's usually a solid turn out and there's decent lighting.
The Abbey Lounge seem pretty rad, with lots of mutli colored lights and a small, tight stage. It would be gnarly to see a show there with a packed room.

On to the pictures
Disappearer, Furnace, Fight Amp, My America...
My America is Watching Tigers Die

Fight Amp


Crime in stereo, Colin of Arabia, Fake Problems, Debaser

Fake Problems

Colin of Arabia

Crime in Stereo

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