Friday, August 29, 2008

more of the 100 strangers, meagan rankin in boston, ceremony!

Big update!

so this past weekend, my friend Meagan came up to boston from greensboro, nc. She's moving to new york next month. while taking her around the city, i found two interesting looking strangers and got their pictures, but unfortunately not any of their information. so accordian man and chello bro, here's to you

stranger 001: Accordian man

stranger 002: cello bro (that lense flair isn't photo shop, i just happen to catch his bow at that spot reflecting the sun)

here's some assorted pictures from walking around the city

My friend Kimberly works as a human statue and we ran into her!

The Ceremony Show:

Thursday, August 28, 2008

100 strangers are GO

I'm going to finally start up the 100 strangers project, which, as you might be surprised to find out, is about photographing 100 strangers.

I'm considering this a sort of test run, as I took this photo of some random kid at the final modern life is war show in Atlanta with a busted nose on a whim and with no consideration for it's inclusion in this project. It's just some random kid, so I'll consider it stranger 0.5.
Looking back, I don't care for such extreme processing on a portrait, but I'll let it slide since I was exhausted from the show, possibly deliriously tired, and undoubtedly nearing dehydration.

thunder and lightning protect me from god

Last night was the ceremony show. it was rad, if a bit under-attended. i, however, was very much into it, as seen here:

i also had the pleasure of finally meeting one zac wolf, who coincidentally was wearing a baseball tee as well. we matched, how cute.
anyway, the show was great, the guest vocalists were fun, and dead kennedys cover at the end with some random kid playing bass was tight too
photos up tonight

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

a few old photos

These are three of my favorite photos that I've taken in the past

Liz and Aaron, during my first visit to boston, Febuary 2008

Michelle laying under the table, just another night hanging at Kristin and Michelle's Apartment in Greensboro. January 2008

Meagan, drunk, eating nerds, at the going away party in Greensboro, May 2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008

bummercity uber alles

head on over to to see my pictures from sunday's show in full effect!

glad they liked the images, even more stoked that it's a band i love!

this has me thinking about who has used my photography in the past... and off the top of my head i can think of the following

Polar bear club from Rochester, NY
Swamp Thing from richmond, VA
heathan from richmond, VA
i'm pretty sure through the eyes of the dead used some photos years ago, SC somewhere
circle takes the square made extensive use of my photos in their old website, from Savannah, GA
Giant, from greensboro NC
wolverines from greensboro, NC
the anchor comes home, greensboro, NC
Modern life is war, marshalltown, IA
tarantuloco, greensboro, NC
des_ark, chapel hill, NC
engineer, rochester, NY
the manhattan project, greensboro, NC
gray ghost, atlanta, GA
misfortune, somewhere NC
torche_runner, greensboro, NC

probably others i'm forgetting or don't know about.


random photos

some assorted images from this year:

My neighbor, Andrew, is a composer and professor at berklee

somewhere in boston, i forget where

buildings near boston harbour

some gnarly hotel down by the harbour

who knows

A statue on Comm Ave, in the ritzy part

view from sitting in kristin's starbucks. i love the weird chair

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

gray ghost promos

this web promo has been floating around for some time, but it was done by Copper Lung Records to promote the band Gray Ghost's self titled 10" record. Gray Ghost, is awesome and needs to play boston post haste. the photo was taken at the modern life is war show in atlanta, GA this past april.

polar bear club photos and rad links

Rad links that i check out daily while at work, time permiting

just found this cat's site: turns out he lives in boston and was at the polar bear club show on sunday : local paper artist. mentioned before : awesome photographer from B9 : random handmade stuff : great free stuff for design : skeptical news links and fun tid-bits from awesome women around the states. run by one rebecca watson, of boston MA : mind blowing vegan recipes and great photography. also based in boston.

here are some photos from the show on sunday:

Monday, August 18, 2008

polar bear club

Polar bear club played last night at the middle east downstairs with we're all broken and movers and shakers. Gas Light Anthem headlined, but I had to leave before they played due to work today, bummer, but i'm sure they were good.

both we're all broken and movers and shakers were great and polar bear club were super fun and played almost all of the redder the better. photos will be up soon.

Friday, August 15, 2008

buy some wood!

So, if by chance you stumble across this blog and happen to like what you see, I have some stuff for sale over at

it's all wood burnings right now, and i'm updating it with more as i have the time and as i make them. more will be up tonight

here's a random picture of Charla Duncan, a friend from Greensboro, taken sometime in January:

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

lots of new photos!

So i've been in Boston for a little over two months. Things are going really well, cool job (layout and presentation design), awesome house, amazing shows, killer food, and any number more bombastic adjectives and a noun.

I recently bought a 35mm holga and had my first roll developed yesterday. i'm not quite as into it as the regular holga, but it's pretty rad and much easier to carry/throw in a bag. i'll scan the good pictures tonight. i've got a roll of 120 sitting on my desk that needs to be developed, but i don't know where to take it yet.
I also have procured what looks like a mid-90s polaroid that i need to get some film for as well as a mid-60s kodak instamatic 104 which i also need to track down film for. it seems like it's in working condition, but finding film/getting it developed will be the true task.

I started working on some bummercity promo images that i'm super stoked on, which i'll post tonight. also, once i have a some extra money i'll see about getting shirts made.

i've been making wood burnings like mad lately, which i'll be putting up for sale on etsy once i have a few more done.

I was also recently asked to take part in the dotmatrixproject which is at it's based out of the greensboro area, which is kind of a bummer seeing as how i just left. but it looks pretty cool. makes me miss the shitty bar shows and scuzzy space.

in the metro paper this morning there was an article about a local designer that makes rad paper products:

chuck and ben were up two weekends ago. it was a whole lot of fun.
three shows last week were gnarly. mouth of the architect on wednesday, giant and the helm of friday, and the have heart/blacklisted/verse/shipwreck/new lows on saturday.
polar bear club is sunday. i've been waiting to see this band for more than a year. needless to say, i'm very stoked.

now some photos

have heart



Trash talk from club lido a couple weeks ago

assorted stuff