Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Astronmer, and a major bummer

So the band Amenra, who are crazy good and from Belgium, were supposed to play tonight in Boston. Something happened to the PA after the first band which shut the show down and word was it was being moved across town. Unfortunately there were still 4 bands left to play, and it was already 9 pm. getting 4 bands across town, the hour-ish trip out to the other venue, and the 30ish dollar cab ride that would have ensued after the show ended were enough to force me to call it an early night. Sad story. Support this band if they come near you, as they are pretty incredible.

I did however manage to shoot the first band, Astronomer, some younger guys from Boston who are playing some solid Cult of Luna-meets-Will Haven style jams. Probably one to keep an eye on.

The venue was Church, so there were red lights aplenty.


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