Thursday, August 21, 2008

bummercity uber alles

head on over to to see my pictures from sunday's show in full effect!

glad they liked the images, even more stoked that it's a band i love!

this has me thinking about who has used my photography in the past... and off the top of my head i can think of the following

Polar bear club from Rochester, NY
Swamp Thing from richmond, VA
heathan from richmond, VA
i'm pretty sure through the eyes of the dead used some photos years ago, SC somewhere
circle takes the square made extensive use of my photos in their old website, from Savannah, GA
Giant, from greensboro NC
wolverines from greensboro, NC
the anchor comes home, greensboro, NC
Modern life is war, marshalltown, IA
tarantuloco, greensboro, NC
des_ark, chapel hill, NC
engineer, rochester, NY
the manhattan project, greensboro, NC
gray ghost, atlanta, GA
misfortune, somewhere NC
torche_runner, greensboro, NC

probably others i'm forgetting or don't know about.


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