Wednesday, August 13, 2008

lots of new photos!

So i've been in Boston for a little over two months. Things are going really well, cool job (layout and presentation design), awesome house, amazing shows, killer food, and any number more bombastic adjectives and a noun.

I recently bought a 35mm holga and had my first roll developed yesterday. i'm not quite as into it as the regular holga, but it's pretty rad and much easier to carry/throw in a bag. i'll scan the good pictures tonight. i've got a roll of 120 sitting on my desk that needs to be developed, but i don't know where to take it yet.
I also have procured what looks like a mid-90s polaroid that i need to get some film for as well as a mid-60s kodak instamatic 104 which i also need to track down film for. it seems like it's in working condition, but finding film/getting it developed will be the true task.

I started working on some bummercity promo images that i'm super stoked on, which i'll post tonight. also, once i have a some extra money i'll see about getting shirts made.

i've been making wood burnings like mad lately, which i'll be putting up for sale on etsy once i have a few more done.

I was also recently asked to take part in the dotmatrixproject which is at it's based out of the greensboro area, which is kind of a bummer seeing as how i just left. but it looks pretty cool. makes me miss the shitty bar shows and scuzzy space.

in the metro paper this morning there was an article about a local designer that makes rad paper products:

chuck and ben were up two weekends ago. it was a whole lot of fun.
three shows last week were gnarly. mouth of the architect on wednesday, giant and the helm of friday, and the have heart/blacklisted/verse/shipwreck/new lows on saturday.
polar bear club is sunday. i've been waiting to see this band for more than a year. needless to say, i'm very stoked.

now some photos

have heart



Trash talk from club lido a couple weeks ago

assorted stuff

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